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Let’s all be winners

At some point over the past 11 years, we have all heard of the IMVELO competition recognising the efforts of hospitality enterprises in embarking on the path of sustainability. The articles on the IMVELO praise the environmental management systems of the regular entrants and certainly inspire us readers to investigate our own commitment to sustainable […]

Winter warmth with an efficient home

Natural medicine, vitamins and nutrition are some of the ways to keep colds and flu at bay in winter. Another way is the often forgotten old housewife’s recommendation to keep warm, and it has proved its merit over the centuries. Keeping warm with clothes is one option, the other is to warm your house and […]

Energy Vampires

South Africa is facing rising energy costs and a future of unstable energy supply; this has led to numerous initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption, such as Eskom’s 49m campaign. The 49m campaign aims to inspire all 49 million South Africans to save electricity by making small behavioural changes. The 49m campaign illustrates ten pledges […]